September 30, 2008

really? no usb ports??

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I havent had internet for days. A few days in New York, a weekend in Paris, and I can’t post anything that interesting because for some reason these computers at this school don’t have USB ports in the front. And I will not climb like an animal to the back of this harddrive.

I think I need to go to new york once a year to remind myself that it’s too expensive to live there. I meant to take a picture of the bathtub at my friend Jeff’s apartment. He lives in Williamsburg, aka, Hipster Capital of the world, a neighborhood in Brooklyn right next to the Williamsburg bridge. His bathtub was covered in that black goopy sticky stuff that lines your drains. Hair mixed in everywhere – it was something out of a Dr. Suess book. It wasn’t just around the drain either. It coated the bathtub at least for a foot up on all sides. This wasn’t Jeff’s fault; it was like this when he moved in only a few weeks earlier.

I do love the subways though. Time doesn’t even factor in when you’re on a subway. An hour on a train seems like 12 minutes. And Hyeku’s apartment was clean & nice & snug, right in west village. Anyway, new york was fun and I will go again next year to continue my love-hate relationship.


September 20, 2008

blog to procrastinate packing

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When I was in high school, I’d paint my nails before a big homework assignment.  In college, I started cutting my hair when I had a multi-paged paper due.  Today, to procrastinate packing, I started a blog.

This summer while in Florida, I had to apply for my visa. For some reason, visas to go to France are extremely inconvenient to obtain. As a resident of Florida, no matter where I live in the world, I am required to go to Miami and show my face at the consulate for about a total of 5 minutes. This would have been a terribly bothersome task had I not moved to Florida. It was quite the adventure.

I realized that my mother, (bless your heart mom, I know you’re reading this) is a bad driver. Maybe it was the unfamiliar new city. Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe I never noticed when I was younger.

In order to prepare everything to go, I had had less than one hour of sleep the night before. We left the house at 3:30 a.m. in order to get to Miami in time. I drove almost the whole way until I started to get really sleepy and mother took the wheel. Driving at 75 mph, she asked me how to change the side-view mirrors. I explained and pointed; she pushed buttons. A few seconds later, something caught my eye and I turned around. The trunk was flopping up and down. She had opened the trunk while trying to adjust the mirrors. We pulled over.

As we approached the city, mom continued to tell me about all the horror stories of Miami driving, relaying stories from co-workers and church friends. So, of course, when city highways started to converge and Miami’s skyline peeked over the road, mom slowed down to about 40 in a 60. She was frantic with all the cars rushing past. “See! See! Miami drivers are so crazy!” and “ohhh crazy drivers! Look how fast they’re going!”. 40. in a 60.

We finally made it off the freeway, after much wild-eyed confusion, and driving through the city we came upon a round-about. Mom was going around, and a car was waiting to enter. Then, while deciding which road to take, our car stopped. Why did mom stop while turning in the round-about? Because she thought that’s what you do. Stop to let cars in.

Later on that block, she pulled over and we switched.

(Disclaimer: Mom, you’re great. We both laughed about this, so you other people can feel okay about laughing too, with us. Plus I asked permission before publishing.)

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