October 29, 2008

Do you want to know what I do?

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I teach university students who are trying to become elementary school teachers. They all have their little pencil bags atop their desk, ready to take notes on their graph paper and use different colored pens for labeling and rulers for underlining things that are important. Some are really good at English, and then one of the teachers I assist actually said “more longer” in a sentence. And then defended it like there was nothing wrong. I know. I almost threw up.

So we gather up in a warm comfy circle and I ask them questions like “what’s going on in this picture?” and sometimes if we’re lucky we use those pictures to play memory. And they pay me for this. And the 12-hour work week is something I should really adopt back in the states. And after less than a month of work I’m on vacation for 2 weeks. And I’m going to Paris this weekend. And I really like this video (mostly for their description of normal blankets):

Before I discovered Chinese subtitled bootlegs as the only source of streaming American TV and movies outside of the states, the only American TV I could find was the Soup. So, thank you, E!


October 24, 2008

dear bryan kest.

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Dear Bryan Kest,

I never thought it would come to this, but let me explain my present yoga conditions. I am confined to my room whose shape and layout make it nearly impossible to jump back and arch into upward dog. My feet knock over perfume and make-up, my head hits the edge of the desk. Not only that, but I have discovered that movements like aforementioned upward dog, to let’s say, downward dog, is the catalyst that causes the drawers of my desk to slide out, of their own accord, because of a slight, yet undeniable slant in my floors. I look up and yet again, my drawers have slid out. It is, admittedly, mildly humorous, but nevertheless still discouraging.

And Bryan, I regret to say that I did not bring you with me. I thought you were like any other yoga instructor, but I now realize after my short Podcast video sessions with my new yoga man, that I do indeed miss you. At first, I will admit, your long curly locks of brown, your white half-calf leggings under faded cut-offs, and your slightly speech impeded voice were unique and even good entertainment perks, but I did not think they were necessarily endearing. Now I retract, I repeal, I withdraw that erroneous sentiment. Those are the very things I miss. Podcast yoga doesn’t provide me with any of that. Sure, I get a fine workout, but Bryan, you’re the one that told me, “it’s not how you look… it’s how you feeeeeel,” with husky vocals behind the last word. And it just doesn’t feeeeeel the same without you.

October 20, 2008

i fear.

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Ever since going to New York, I’ve had this weird pain in my foot. At the beginning, it was pretty constant, and now it’s rare if I feel it. However, I often notice that my big toe on this foot is numb. Normally, this would be something I ignore and let pass, BUT over the summer someone asked me if one could balance without their big toe. Naturally, I googled it, and I found this image: No Toe. (I was going to post it here, but I’ll let you choose to click it if you want.) And then I read the horrendous story, out loud with much gasping and disbelief. Read it. You’ll die. So now, this story haunts me and my big (numb) toe.

October 15, 2008

i art.

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This is what I currently look like:

October 13, 2008


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Translation: ground horse meat, fries, salad. 8.50 euros, or, far too much for horse meat.

** Update 15 Oct ** And it really is too much for horse meat, because it’s not actually horse meat. It’s just the name they use to put a raw egg on half cooked hamburger patty. Much better.


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neon trees is opening for the killers!

Oct 20th and 21st, 2008.


October 11, 2008

Bruges in pictures.

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First thing out of the train station was rows and rows of bikes.

My friend, Sylvia, the waffle crafter.

Moving bar. This thing rolled around town: the bartender steered while the bartended pedaled.

Who knows Dutch? I bought this carved wood number for a couple euros at the very small flea market. I think it says something about how my house is gold? Also, notice the duvet cover that came with the room. Whales.

i waffled.

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Today I crossed international borders and took a train to Bruges, Belgium. What they call “the Venice of the North.” I’m pretty sure that’s an overstatement, but we’ll let it go. Canals cut through the city, the leaves were yellow and falling, people were speaking Dutch. It was beautiful. And I never knew I could enjoy a food item as much as I enjoyed, relished, devoured the Belgian waffle.

It took me by complete surprise. I had no expectations. I’ve eaten waffles before. I’ve had those crepes you get with the nutella. It’s all very good. But this, this was melt your face off good. It was hot, and soft on the inside and crunchy on the edges. The chocolate was dark and of the perfect sweetness. When you bite into the waffle there are these crunchy bits of re-caramelized sugar. I got one on the way in, and couldn’t resist on the way out.

October 9, 2008

i ran.

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How are French people so skinny? I swear, no one exercises here, AND they eat tons of cheese. Gyms are empty. And today, I can attest that not one person runs or jogs. You won’t even see someone at a fast walk in a pair of Nike’s.

I took my first jog in my little town. Little did I know, this is a foreign sight for everyone here. I got comments and weird looks. Some people encouraged me, “Yeah! Run! Wow! Go!” Later on my way to the grocery store, people sitting in cafes and hanging around the metro stop caught my eye from what seemed like minutes before I was even close. As I passed, one guy yelled out, “Hey you’re the girl that was running this morning!” Had he been sitting there all day long? Don’t these people have jobs? Then another one, talking to his friend, pointing me out as if I had stolen something and was caught on camera, “That’s the girl… the one from this morning.”

Maybe this is why the Tour de France is so crazy here. (Note: I’m not comparing myself to someone in the Tour de France.)  Everyone is so intrigued to see someone in athletic gear and sweating. Maybe I’ll get fans.

October 8, 2008

i explain

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I plagiarized the picture and the Dring. Here’s where it came from:

I took a picture of this doorbell a few years ago in a neighborhood outside of Marseille. First of all, the button is not in its conventional vertical position. And to boot, the place for the family name says “DRING!” which I find very strong. So, I stole it.

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