February 15, 2009

My pants are too tight.

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I dont have enough to say to write a whole post so here are some little nuggets:

– I recently bought jeans and they were a little too small.  So to stretch them out I have been wearing them a lot.  And now they are the perfect size and so I wear them everyday = i may never wash them

– I have regressed to age 13 where every movie I see has to have Leonardo DiCaprio in it.  I’ve seen so many recently (even old ones like Romeo and Juliet) and I love them all.  And then I tried to conclude that all LdC’s movies are good. And then I realized I have seen The Man in the Iron Mask.  All I remember is that I boo-ed in the movie theater when I was in middle school and that mask hitting against those prison bars was a really bad decision.  But see Revolutionary Road.  Maybe the most well developed and best combination of characters that I’ve seen in cinema.  Really.

– There’s a big wooden ladder to get to my bed.  I’m pretty cocky about my climbing abilities and balancing acts.  I even remember this one time in Senegal where this girl had to hold someone’s hand while walking across this wooden plank on a boat. and I scoffed at her inabilities and merrily trotted along with ease.  Then 2 days ago, I fell off aforementioned ladder and breathed heavily for like 5 minutes because I almost died.

– I recently discovered that stake dances are bad EVERYWHERE.  Don’t hope that just because you’re in a different country that somehow it will be better, or good, or even bearable because they’re just as bad as when you were 16 and your parents sent you when you were grounded.  Or worse because there is more techno.

– I like the Twilight movie.  I really do.  But start reading the books and it’s a different world. I just have to say I think Bella Swan is the worst and most unlikeable protaganist in teen fiction.  Maybe in all fiction.  Adolescents, I feel bad for you.  And while I hate her somehow this is the very fuel that feeds my continued reading of this series.


February 3, 2009

i stare.

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OK sooo I was riding the 40 minute train ride back from work and I noticed this girl who was a couple rows in front of me, her seat facing me. She was probably about 16 and she was kind of flirting with the guy facing her – their legs touching slightly, her hand reached out and brushed his arm or chest when she laughed. It was cute.  And as I reminisced about the days of being young and more likable… she did the most unpredictable thing, and I could not stop staring at her.  I kept looking at her to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing.  Do you know what she did?  Can you guess?  No. You can’t.  It’s impossible to imagine even maybe.  She started SUCKING. HER. THUMB.  Not even kidding.  She stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked on it.  Like a jolly rancher attached to her hand.  It wasn’t brief either – I am sure of that.  (which reminds me of my 8th grade French teacher who would stick her thumb allllll the way to the back of her throat in order to pass out papers. It was so weird because half her hand would be in her mouth.) But this was not the same.  And I thought… wait, maybe she’s just putting her hand by her face to prop her head up or something, so I kept looking.  This couldn’t be happening!  Oh no. It was unmistakable.  She was listening to the guy across from her tell a story or something because it seriously lasted for 15 or 20 minutes.  Sucking away on her thumb.  No shame.  She was completely at ease.

Is this some sort of fad that is coming back? because I also recently saw a teenaged boy walking around downtown with a REAL pacifier. i was with other people, and we all verified that it was NOT candy. He took it out of his mouth at one point and we all made sure.  What is going on?  Why is sucking on your thumb as a teenager not looked down upon?  There was even an adult in her party and everyone just kept talking to her like she was a normal human.  Can you imagine shaking her hand afterwards? Her thumb all wrinkly and white.  I’m shuddering.  That may have crossed the line, but I contend that she crossed it first.

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