April 20, 2009

shoot an assault rifle. check.

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(Pardon the quality of the photos, they are from my phone.)

Jason with a gun.


Me with a gun.image242

Other people with guns.

(I like the guy in the background admiring Michael from afar.)


Owner of the guns:


What we’re shooting at:


AR-15 glory glory. Yeah, that’s a scope.


I feel awesome.


First weekend back in America = guns and UFC. God bless this land!


April 12, 2009

Myung and Jung do Europe.

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Meet Myung and Jung



Some highlights since Father and Mother Kim have arrived.

1.  After seeing the sign for “Free Wi-Fi” at one of our hotels, Jung said, “Oooh! We get Wii in our room!”

2.  They’ve been champs about eating: they ate oysters, snails, and Myung even ordered octopus:


4.  In Prague when Jung wanted to order a small portion of ravioli instead of the large, the waiter said in his eastern european accent, “It’s for a baby! It’s for a baby!”  Actually, she couldn’t finish the large, but this line became the quote of the trip.  The rolled R’s, the convincing tone. It was perfect.

5.  After reading about pickpockets in Europe, M and J bought money belts that you can tuck into the inside of the top of your pants.  They carried around their passports the whole time, and in Prague, Myung even WENT TO BED with his credit cards attached to him.  Classic Dad.

Thanks for good travels Mom and Dad! and for paying for all my meals and letting me stay in your nice hotel rooms.


Until next time, Europe.

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