May 31, 2009

Did you know that even though the spelling bee seems like a sporting event because it’s on ESPN, it’s not really because you can’t get tickets to it???

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Yeah.  So I’m in Washington DC, and guess what else was… The National Spelling Bee.  And I tried to get tickets, and there wasn’t even a link to it.  Maybe i checked too late, but maybe it’s just because it’s not possible.  Which I think is a huge mistake.  I would have paid a lot of money to see these kids compete, especially because of the surprising amount of 13-year-olds with mustaches.


(photo courtesy of spellingbee.com :: Sidharth Chand who made it to the 8th round)

Also, I would go in case a glorious moment like Sameer Mishrah’s from 2008 could possibly be matched. Please watch if you haven’t.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched Spellbound, you’re dumb!  Rent it, netflix it, tvokay.com it.  It’s good.


May 26, 2009

It’s only funny now that 6 months has passed

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Remember how I made fun of Teach for America because I thought I was too good for it? Well maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but that’s what happened.  Then I erased the post because I ended up applying for it and got scared they would google my name and my chances would be ruined and they’d be all, Uh, why are you applying for this when you hate america? And i’d be all, uh hello, haven’t you been keeping up? The land of guns and endless diet coke?? please.  These kids will learn so much from me. And so they gave me a phone interview and then DIDN’T give me a second interview and I was shocked.  I know right?? Really?? No second interview?  I am a college graduate with no marketable degree, skills or foreseeable future… i am not your target audience? And then i realized oh, during my phone interview I only talked about how I wanted to become a teacher the easiest way possible, and said nothing about how I care about the welfare of kids who suffer from the education gap, because maybe that’s a sign that I don’t actually care – in theory yes, but 2-year-commitment-care?  …They made the right choice.  Plus, I was really awkward on the phone, like i had no social skills and couldn’t make anything i said sound like a normal human. They asked how I organize my day, so of course i tell them about lists that I keep and cross off, based on time and priority and then i thought i was funny (but actually on the phone, to be funny is just weird when you cant see faces) and i said something about how I am really good at remembering birthdays… like, what?? Really?? It was embarrassing and i shudder to think of the very forced courtesy laugh the lady gave me after that comment.  Anyway, it’s funny now to think I wanted to help children, even though I was just using them to get myself a teaching degree.  It’s just good that I was rejected.

May 21, 2009

14 hours in new york

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In about a 5 minute period on Tuesday, I decided to drive up to new york that afternoon from DC.  I didn’t really plan anything more than that.

I arrived and reveled, but ended up leaving the city the next morning because I spent an hour driving around the west village looking for parking. If I had had more patience and more reason, I could have found parking and spent more time, but I was so tired and sad, and thought, i could have been a quarter of the way home instead of making figure 8’s around 6th Ave.

It was still fun and felt so good to go back.  It was worth it to see the newly re-opened Washington Square Park!  it’s beautiful – well lit, great fountain, nice new granite benches.  Here it is!


This next picture makes me laugh because my head tilt makes it look like Hyeku and I are dating:


So the real story is that on the trip back, google helped me find a way without paying for any tolls.  I ended up taking this highway in New Jersey (206) that I wish i could drive every day.  Most of it was one or two lanes with no shoulder and the trees hugging right up against the sides and hung high over.  Some of it was just layers and layers of really bright green everywhere with front-porched houses and their gardens.  Who knew Jersey had so much prettiness to offer?  Anyway, I can’t really explain it without sounding stupid, but it was just so unexpected and so pretty and went so perfectly with Automatic for the People that i was sad when it was over, and even sadder when the other ways to avoid the tolls were ugly and involved driving through downtown Baltimore.

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