July 31, 2009

I know you don’t care, but a little life complaint.

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No pun intended.

So maybe you already know this about me but I have tiny feet.  My friend, Nathan, used to chase me around chanting, “Little feet! Little feet!”  And I hate to admit it, but they’re size 5. SIZE FIVE.  Do you know size what most shoes start in?  SIX.  Yeah, and sometimes in sneakers, I can stretch it and make a 6 work and the laces are like really really tight, but for any other type of shoe this is NOT POSSIBLE.  So that means, I haven’t found a decent heel that fits me in all my years on this Earth.  Because heels have to be snug, or else you look like a huge idiot.  (I know, because for some reason when I was in England, it was as if 3 out of every 5 women walking around with heels did not try them on and they were all flopping around in the back and it looked so bad and, yes, I pitied them.)

So my minsicule feet have cursed me to become a shoe shopper with the beggars-can’t-be-choosers attitude which I’ve come to realize is something a woman should never ever have to do.  If a shoe fits, no matter how ugly, I seriously seriously consider buying it because I don’t know the next time I’ll find something that actually fits.  It’s like food on the mission – you never know when you’re going to eat next so you fill up when you can… which is probably why i gained like 15% of my body weight in 2006.  ANYWAY. (I lost it all; don’t judge me.)

I really thought it was my lucky day because I found gorgeous blue heels by Morgan de Toi (Sorry i can’t post pictures, trust me, they’re super cute).  Blue satin, open toe, perfect heel, and when I tried them on the store they didn’t fall off my feet.  They seemed a liiiittle big, but they didn’t come off my feet and heaven knows I am hopeful about shoes so when they dont come off, it’s a success.  PLUS they were 30% off.  So I bought them. Size 36. And these freaking european sizes. Sometimes I’m a 36, and sometimes i’m a 35.  Well, I should just admit it. I’m a flipping 35.

Only, I found this out later when I looked closely in the mirror, because you can totally tell they are too big. There is a little, but noticeable space behind my heel.  It doesn’t go away with insoles. I tried.

So there it is.  I hate my small feet. I want to buy shoes at my leisure and not be limited to what’s available in a size 5/childrens shoes!!  Because there is nothing.  Is there some pill I can take or surgery I can have? Like just add more toe to my toe?  I vote we should do something about this.  Oh and if you find cute shoes in size 5, buy them and I’ll totally reimburse you. No joke.


July 18, 2009

And I went to Italy.

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Friday i got the day off to go to this very well known open-air market in Ventimiglia, Italy.  Well, the market was just eh. Your standard flea market stuff, once you’ve seen one fake Gucci bag, you’ve seen ’em all, but what was so great was the FOOD.  (My love for food runs in the family, read Michelle‘s blog and how she ignores her children when deliciousness is place in front of her. It’s funny.)  I ate a panini with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves. And let me tell you… mozzarella and tomatoes and basil are freaking delicious in that country.  And so was the ice cream.  And I didn’t stay long, but the food was definitely the best part.  The hard sausage links, the huge (bigger than my head) wedges of real parmesan cheese, mounds of sun dried tomatoes, cans of pesto, locally pressed olive oil, and tons and tons of pasta.  I really do have pictures to back this all up, but once again, the internet is bad in their summer home.  So accept my apologies and just deal with reading about it.

I think my next excursion will be St. Tropez.  I love my job.

Of course they have friends that own a restaurant. Of course. And I went to Italy.

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And of course the restaurant is swanky and really expensive.  And oh, it opens up in the back to a private beach. So on the 14th of the July/Bastille Day I ate a glorious foie gras appetizer, filets of some sort of fancy fish atop a creamy lemon sauce next to a risotto stuffed zuccini.  I took pictures of each course.  Someday you might see them, but that day is not today.  We watched the fireworks over the Mediterranean from our table.  The kids played in the sand, the adults chatted and drank wine, I listened to the old lady behind me squealing versions of “It’s pretty!” and “Magnifique!” after any bright light above the southern horizon.  I loved it.

July 9, 2009

Ok, so it’s totally not my fault.

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Well, here’s what happened.  Grace and I went to the train station to get to Nice for the Tour but there was a freaking strike on the trains (of course there was, remember what country I’m in?) and we were only about 40 minutes late, but no one was around, Lance and the crew had passed and we were really sad… oh wait, not really because we were in NICE.  It was disappointing to not actually see the riders, but then again, this is where we were:

Oh crap, the internet doesn’t work here in the South home very well, so the picture I just tried to post isn’t working.  Just imagine really blue mediterranean sea.  Glorious.

So we walked around Nice and smelled Savons de Marseille and admired small streets and laundry being hung outside of people’s windows.

Monday we high rolled it to Monte Carlo and thought about how it would be nice to have money and buy expensive things, because that’s all you can find there.  I did try on the Dior “oui” ring (again, I would love to post pictures, but it’s not letting me) and I couldn’t take it off my finger and I wanted it so badly.  The thing is though, the pictures online don’t do it justice.  I dare you to try it on and succeed at not wanting it.

Grace (old nanny) left (so sad) and now I’m doing the job solo.  Things are good so far, mostly because the family I work for is freaking awesome.  They don’t stick me in a crevice with no bed and give me a pan for peeing in.  I get my own studio apart from the house and they let me eat with them (Marie is a fantastic cook), hang out with them (tonight we saw Ice Age 3!) and play games with them (I have bruises all over my body from the pool tag).  All while getting days off (soon I’ll go to St. Tropez!) and great pay.

I will post pictures as soon as I can.

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