November 25, 2009

It’s freaking Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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Holy crap it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow in America and did I ever tell you that THANKSGIVING IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY ??? Well, it is.  I love it for its time of year, for the rice stuffing my mother makes, for being able to buy pumpkin in cans, and for being able to watch my brother Jason eat until he starts sweating and almost vomiting.  Once I saw him get up and walk around in circles around the table, moaning in agony from the discomfort. I love not having to go to school those days. I love going around the table and saying what we’re thankful for.  I loved it one year when we got 9 feet of snow and we had a whole week of snow days. I love it.  I love it because it is what it is.  We say it’s based on that whole story about us sharing with the Natives, but we really know that never really happened, which is why we can’t really ever ruin Thanksgiving… it’s a holiday based on a fallacy, so it’s already ruined.  Which is good because now we just use it as an excuse to make an outrageously caloric meal.  That we eat at 4pm.  Sometimes 3:30.

It’s ok though because some of us Yanks are getting together this week to eat ridiculous amounts of food. I’m in charge of the pumpkin pie.  And I’ve been forced to learn how to cook actual pumpkin instead of scooping it out of aluminum.  The pie is heavenly.  Little bits of candied ginger.  Mmmm.

But really, when I think of turkeys, this is the image that comes into my head:

This is right when he waves and says, “Hey buddy!”  Which brings me to another thing that I love. Seinfeld. Love like I spent the better part of my adolescence taping episodes. And indexing them. And watching them over and over. Until I could quote all lines. Trips to New York served as ways to immerse myself even more: NBC studio tours in hopes to run into someone, eating at Monk’s, really called Tom’s Restaurant, and being a patron to the Soup Nazi.  I got the crab bisque. Anyway, i cried when it ended, and for years I had an internal alarm at 10pm, the hour that Fox 29 would play reruns.


Maybe you know about this, and I’m way late on the boat.  (I literally just wrote that, reread it, and realized I have no idea what it means. But I’m leaving it because it’s making me laugh.  I think i meant to say, I missed the boat, even though that doesn’t make sense either.)  I’m not in America (apparently it’s the only country that knows about Seinfeld which makes me question every other country’s sense of humor) so that’s my excuse.  Otherwise I’m sure I would be the president of this movement.  So yeah. It happened. I watched it.  I almost cried from joy.  I was so giddy and it felt like a lost part of me was stitched right back on the ole’ heart.  They did it on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David’s HBO show.  It’s Amazing.  Seeing them all there… hearing Jerry’s voice again… it just felt so right.

Anyway, if you dont have HBO you can find it streaming on the internet. And you should.  Life will be better.

I leave with you a classic Seinfeld moment. (In Rome, I couldn’t stop saying, “Five cups… chopped porcini mushrooms…”, so this scene has been in my head for weeks)

Who do you love? Elaine? Jerry? Frank? Banya? What is something you always quote? Got a favorite episode? Line? Scene? I would love to know.



  1. I love Seinfeld! And Curb your Enthusiasm. I think Larry David is the greatest comic mind of our generation. I think my favorite line is “Your face is my case” said by Jackie Chiles from when Kramer sues the tobacco companies.

    Comment by Bob — November 25, 2009 @ 8:06 pm

  2. I love Jackie Childs. “Who told you to put the cheese on? Did I tell you to put the cheese on?” He’s so good. Or “Do you know what A BALM IS???” Thanks, Bob.

    Comment by irenejk — November 26, 2009 @ 5:14 am

  3. I’m pretty sure “The Susie” is among the best of the best. Go back and watch that one again if you haven’t seen it in a while. You’ve got the whole mix up at J. Peterman about the mythical Susie, there’s George’s amazing answering machine jingle, Jerry and the bookie, and best of all George and Kramer and the backless tuxedo entrance to the ball. Pure genius.

    Comment by Will — November 29, 2009 @ 7:19 pm

  4. um. I just made the most amazing vegetarian Thanksgiving! The only thing that didn’t turn out was the stuffing but I can perfect that by next year if you want to join us!
    And BTW, I made the most amazing chocolate cream pie anyone HAS EVER TASTED! It was like not too rich but so creamy with chocolate you made yourself sick eating more. And had to unbutton your pants!

    I’ll set a place for you next year.
    I miss you.

    I know you could come for our wedding on 8.8.10 and stay for Thanksgiving.

    Love you!

    Comment by Juj — November 29, 2009 @ 10:33 pm

  5. i love our seinfeld binder in seminary that was intricately written on with all the special seinfeld quotes


    i hope you enjoyed your turkey day

    Comment by tina — December 3, 2009 @ 10:01 am

  6. I love all of them, I don’t think the show would be the same without every one of them. I do have a soft spot for Elaine, though. One of my favorite scenes is Elaine dancing. My pre-schooler has a special way of dancing very reminiscant to Elaine’s… Also, I can’t forget Lt. Bookman, the library cop. His scene with Jerry is one of my all-time favorites.

    Funny, I just found this post while searching for this Kramer/Turkey image.

    Comment by Rachel — November 23, 2010 @ 1:14 pm

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