May 31, 2010

Music Hunt

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I’ve had these three albums on permanent rotation for the past several weeks:

(Freelance Whales – Weathervanes / Local Natives – Gorilla Manor / Passion Pit – Manners)

With some of this:

(The National – High Violet)

to change it up every now and again.  (So excited about this new album.)

And while I LOVE all of these compilations of musical talent, I would love some recommendations if you’ve got any.  Something that you can’t stop listening to? Something that makes you cry a little? Something that makes you wish you wrote it? Something new and exciting?

To you, I recommend all of the above.


May 25, 2010

I should not be allowed to have nice things.

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Let’s review.  First, I broke my camera lens.  I then LEFT MY CAMERA IN AN AIRPORT.

Then, a couple days ago, I did this:

It just fell out of my pocket as I jumped a little from burning my finger on a freshly toasted croissant.  And the freaking screen cracked. A LOT.  It’s kind of okay though because everything still works.  It is just really depressing to have to look at that all the time. And realize that I’m stupid.

May 18, 2010

God bless Newark.

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YES!!! It’s true. Thank you God, thank you prayers, thank you Newark, thank you TSA.

I found out at a very inopportune time.  Right after these guys played:

(The National.  They were SO GOOD.  I saw them a couple years ago in San Diego and I wasn’t totally impressed. I preferred listening to their album rather than seeing them live. Which isn’t a great feeling after you go to a show.  But this time we were really close [B and I were 2nd row and we didn’t even have to try!] and they played a long set and they were more interactive with the crowd [yeah, I touched Matt the lead singer].)

SO we were waiting for Pavement to come on and I got a call from a number a recognized… the Newark TSA Lost and Found.  I was so excited that I HAD to answer.  They had found a camera! I had to send in some serial numbers and describe some pictures, and after everything checked out they could send it to me!  The end of the phone call got kind of hairy because Pavement came out.

During their entrance I had to crouch down and scream him my email address.  He was so nice and understanding and kept saying he had a D90 in view and to send my info straight away and he’d get back to me as soon as possible.

So tonight he called me back telling me everything checked out and was so super nice that I wanted to hug him and tell him how happy I was that he was taking such good care of my camera. (I didn’t do the former, but did do the latter.)  He was concerned about finding a box that fit and assured me that he would wrap it real good.  Aww!! So nice!!

So that’s it.  They found it.  Can you believe my luck??? Thanks for all the good energy and happy thoughts.

May 5, 2010

I need a miracle.

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Have you ever forgotten to zip up in the bathroom because your pants had an extra button or you had a belt with extra clasps or something, and the extra step just made you feel like you were ready even though this feeling was most definitely premature?

Well that has happened to me.

And it actually happened to me in the other day, yet in a much much bigger and 10,000x worse way.

This happened to me at the Security Checkpoint in the Newark Liberty Airport.  The extra step was the bags of McDonalds to bring the kids some food after tens of hours of not eating.  The forgotten zipper was … wait for it … MY REALLY EXPENSIVE AND NICE AND FAVORITE POSSESSION.  This little baby right here, abandoned in a plastic bin:

No, it’s not the MOST expensive, or the BEST, and no I’m not a photographer, but let me tell you something: I L o v e d my camera.

(Yes, I realize there are some among you who will be pretty pissed about this.  i.e. Jeff Dickamore who almost missed a flight waiting for this to be delivered to his house so he could bring it back to me. Also, my parents i’m sure are not thrilled about this either.)

But believe me, people, I am grieving heavily over this loss.  I was in denial and shock since finding out Sunday that my camera was NOT in my bag.  (It took me a day to realize.. i mean WTF??)  I did all the standard things: checked every possible bag and surface area for it… how could I forget something THAT BIG? AND THAT HEAVY??  I don’t know.  I called the Lost & Found of the Newark Airport, which ended up being an answering service telling me to only leave ONE message, and that EVERY request would be answered.  So, I’m scared.  And really sad.

And now I’m waiting.  Hoping airport personnel are honest and will not steal this.

This might be silly, but I would love it if you could say a little prayer for me.  I’m totally serious.  I need all the help and good energy that I can get.

May 3, 2010

Volcanoes can’t stop me.

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I don’t know if you’re aware, but this:

caused me a lot of stress.  As in, really serious depression 2 weeks ago when our airline seemed to follow the rest of Paris’ flights, meaning not taking off.  Because of a freaking volcano.  Can you believe that?? (Another interesting nugget: apparently, if the weather were worse, like rainy and windy, this ash crap would have dissipated much more quickly.  What kind of a mean joke is being played when the first week of really nice weather is the same week that there is a volcanic eruption, causing  major economic difficulties in Europe, and whose damage could have been seriously diminished if there were just a little bit of rain?? Weird turn of events.) Fortunately, Sunday afternoon we found out there WAS a way to get out of the country.  It involved taking a 10-hour bus ride down to Toulouse that night in order fly out the next day.  Southern airports were working, whereas cities like Paris and London were totally shut down. WHOA!!  New York was possible!  So I packed like a crazy person and we went to Orly’s deserted gates to wait for a bus.

30 hours later we landed in NY.  So much traveling but the comforting views of yellow cabs and their ever memorable odors gave me enough energy to enjoy a tasty American burger, put the kiddies to bed, and then see some great friends.

Tuesday: Top of Empire State, horse-drawn carriage rides, Pedicabs, old old friends from high school

Wednesday:  helicopter ride up the Hudson, Natural History museum, Magnolia’s, and Neon Trees

Thursday:  Sony Wonder Technology Lab, lunch at a Trump tower, American Girl Store (this by the way made me feel dirty).  So much exploitation of little girls’ love for dolls and they milk it for all it’s worth.  There is a hospital and a hair salon ($10 to put a half ponytail in.  …REALLY???) FOR YOUR DOLL, and outfits that you can get for yourself and your matching doll.  I felt gross going in there.  Blech.  (I don’t have a problem with dolls, I DO have a problem with it being a really obvious marketing scheme and having people spend hundreds of dollars on ONE DOLL and its accessories.  I mean, come on.)  OH, this day I also went to TriBeCa film festival (thanks to Hegs’ great benefits from her job) and saw Forest Whitaker and Renee Zellweger on the red carpet.  Unfortunately I slept through the whole movie, and from what I can put together, I didn’t love it.

Friday:  Top of the Rock, Nintendo World, Staten Island Ferry, Korean bath house (=amazing)

Saturday:  Shopping, lunch in the village, Washington Square Park, then Central Park in the afternoon.

I have pictures of all these things, but due to some camera problems they are not available to me at this time.  This is all very late in being posted but all you have to know to catch up is this: I don’t know why people continue to vacation in Vegas.  (My French family had to go because of a birthday party and their friend basically paid for everything.) Otherwise, what is the point of this city?? I still don’t understand.  I did see my first Cirque du Soleil, Viva Elvis, which I actually really enjoyed.  Anyway, now I’m back in Paris. And this week = party.

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