June 25, 2010


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This has been happening for awhile, but I thought it was just a fluke. A coincidence. But it can’t be.  It’s EVERY DAY.  And I just don’t get it:


Seriously. 20 yesterday. 12 today, and it’s only half over, PLUS six different versions of quasi modo searches??? REALLY?? What could possibly be the explanation?

I am trying to think of clever answers to this question, but I think it ruins the weirdness of the reality.

The best part is is that they get Quasimodo and Periorbital Cellulitis in the same post.


June 22, 2010

One to add to the list

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My sister Michelle recently sent me this link of hilarious and frightening playgrounds around the world.  It’s gem quality, so you should click on that there link.

And today my buddy, Cameron, and I (here we are in NY)

went on a little bike ride to the nearby park.  The first warm day in what feels like weeks of rainy, cold weather.  (FRANCE, IT IS JUNE. GET WITH IT.)

This is where he wanted to go, and where my death-trap playground fantasies were all realized:

Do you see how high those children are?? Do you see how they’re walking on a bunch of elastic-y rope?  Do you see how high off the ground it is?

I, of course had to test it out because all these kiddies were so joyously frolicking within these intertwining cords.  Maybe it’s not as scary as it looks, says I to myself.  So i got up there and, no.  It is scary.  And I do YOGA, people. My balance is legit y’all.  How we let children on these things, I will never know, but I did, and thankfully he did not fall.

June 20, 2010

Place des Vosges

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This is quite possibly one of the most perfect spots in Paris.  I just read that it’s the first planned square in Paris. Sa naissance? 1605.  I love its symmetrical layout, the wide dirt pathways that intersect where the trees in the center bear their luscious branches of shadow-generating leaves.  I love its surrounding buildings of identical architecture, its archway-covered walkways underneath.  I love 4 geometrically placed fountains.  I love that it’s a park where you are actually allowed to walk on the grass!  It’s a good place to people watch: yesterday while flipping through the june/july Vogue, I noticed a middle aged couple cuddling next to me (cute), a young couple practicing some sort of theater (weird), loads of kids on their lunch break (annoying after a bit), and tourists in their chacos (scoffable).

So wait, why am I leaving again?

June 18, 2010

Sometimes I’m not stupid!!

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So remember how I break/ruin EVERYTHING I OWN?

Well it hasn’t stopped.  A couple weeks ago, my iPod fell out of my bag and landed face down into a puddle of rainwater.  Greeaat.  BUT i remembered when my dear friend, Elaine, dropped her phone into a cup of water, and was advised to take it all apart and put it in a bag of rice.  One day later, GOOD AS NEW.  So, the iPod injury included dysfunction of the Menu button, meaning i was stuck at the Alarms page and couldn’t go anywhere.  I stuck my ipod in a ziplock of fragrant Jasmine rice, AND GUESS WHAT.  A day later, good as new.

Story #2.

My computer exploded this week.  One evening the screen turned all white with patterned black diagonal lines and then shut off.  Curious, yes.  So I counted to 10 and turned it back on.  When I started typing, it shut off again!  I didn’t know how to react, so I just left it, went to bed, and tried again the next morning.  It stayed on a little longer this time, but once again the screen turned a weird color and everything shut down.  I had a hunch that it was just overheating.  I read online somewhere to clean out the fan in case there was too much dust preventing it from cooling down whatever goes on in there.  SO that day I got one of those cans that shoots out air and turns freezing cold when doing so, shot some of that into every orifice of my computer.  AND GUESS WHAT.  GOOD AS NEW. (I did have one scare that day, but since then, all better.)

I KNOW RIGHT???  Sometimes things get fixed!! It’s amazing.

SO if you want to know how to fix anything.  The answer is RICE. or AIR.

June 17, 2010

Canal St. Martin

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A new discovery thanks to Reba.  Well, I knew this existed, but never knew how great of a hang out it is.

Lots of hangers on the canal.  A lot less tourists than on the Seine.

Also kind of fun because it’s in movies like 1938’s Hôtel du Nord, as well as one you all know, Amélie (where she skips stones, and I think where she throws her dead fish into the water).

Great restaurants. Lots of locals. By the water.

June 13, 2010

Nervous rambling.

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I’m kind of freaking out that I’m leaving Paris.  I don’t want to be all melodramatic about it, but I also want to give Paris and France its due respect.  Paris is definitely my favorite part of France that I’ve experienced.  And I have to admit, I feel like it’s slipping through my fingers and it will soon all be in the past.  Yet I have no idea how to really get a good grasp on it.  I have had months where my idealistic hopes for France went out the window due to bad customer service experiences, more knowledge about the education system, and French humor that was just NOT funny, but recently I kind of feel like I’ve figured a few things out here, and I really COULD function and be happy in the Hexagon.  Like the other day I went to a cobbler (I mean, seriously, France has COBBLERS… EVERYWHERE) – reheeled my shoes because the bottoms of them were totally worn out (I seriously sounded like a horse walking down the street… sometimes I was scared I was waking people up when coming home late), and picked them up good as new THAT EVENING.  In the same day, I found a Nikon place where not only did they have the needed part and repair my lens, but they fixed it IN AN HOUR.

I was so impressed with France that day I really had a hard time knowing I am leaving soon.  AND WHO KNOWS WHEN I’LL BE BACK.  That is the scariest part of it all.  I finally have friends here and I think I finally can be funny in French and I LIKE IT HERE DON’T MAKE ME LEAVE.  But I am leaving.  In a mere 17 days I’ll be on my way to the South of France until August 23rd, when I will have to pack up the last 2 years of my life and go live in America.

I recently read a blog about Paris interviewing someone who wrote a Paris guide book.  They asked her what the ONE thing to do in Paris should be.  She said to take a boat on the Seine and see Paris from the river.  This IS a great thing.  But if it were ME, I would say if there is one thing in Paris, it would be WALK.  Walk around instead of taking metros.  The charming and magical and fascinating thing about Paris is its neighborhoods, its buildings, its parks, its people on the streets, its River, its cafes. Big boulevards, windy cobblestone lanes, discovering new neighborhoods, finding statues that are built into walls, little shops, scary parts of town, train stations. It’s all so good.

And no, I don’t live IN Paris, but I have loved living near it. I go into town almost every day.  I love finding my way around, discovering which street is prettier, which metro route is faster, knowing which metro car to get into to be RIGHT in front of the exit of my stop (OK there is an app that helps me with this one). I love that there are hundreds of blogs about this city and finding out about cupcake shops and neighborhoods where old movies were filmed.  I never get sick of the Eiffel, the Sacre Coeur, the Notre Dame or the Seine.  I LOVE SOLDES.  I love finally feeling really comfortable with the language. I love that I have friends here and we can go to cafes at night and eat on the terrace at 10pm and it’s still kind of light outside.  I love crossing the Seine at night and seeing the light from the Eiffel Tower graze over the Palais de Justice.  (…not captured in the picture below, but still a great picture of the Seine.)

I love the church here – maybe it’s because I served my mission in this country, maybe because it’s all in a different language, maybe it’s because I’ve romanticized it and idealized it.  Whatever it is, I actually go to activities and enjoy it.  I should do this everywhere.

I love the family I work for. I love that they treat me like family, that I feel comfortable eating their food, reading their magazines, napping on their couch, hanging out with their kids.  I love that I’ve been able to go to the Caribbean, New York, and the French Riviera on vacation with them.  I feel SO LUCKY to have had this year with them. I couldn’t have asked for a better job in a better city.

**All photos are by Irene J. Kim.  DO NOT STEAL THEM.**

June 9, 2010

Conversation starter from the 7-year-old.

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“Pourquoi tu pètes pas Irene? Pourtant, Grace pètait.  Et moi je pète.  Pourtant, papa il pète.  Pourquoi t’aime pas peter? Pourquoi tu pètes pas? C’est pas marrant.  Même Renee elle pourrait peter.  Allez ! Dis !”

Loose translation (and to better understand, Grace was the last nanny and Renee will be the new nanny) : Why don’t you fart, Irene? Because like, Grace farted.  And I fart.  And dad farts.  Why don’t you like to fart?  Why don’t you fart??  That’s no fun.  Even Renee, she’ll be able to fart too.  Come on! Tell me!

Je pense que ça rend mieux en français.  Qu’en pensez-v0us??

June 5, 2010


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Because apparently you’re all boring and you can’t recommend me any music (except for Annie. Thanks, Annie. I feel your love, and only yours).  But I really want to blog! So here are silly things that have happened / pictures that I’ve recovered because my camera is back !

I saw a guy jump from a platform at the first level of the Eiffel tower with rollerblades onto this quarterpipe to break the world record.  I don’t know why I went, but I really did. And I really enjoyed it.  I stood for 2 hours waiting for him to jump … and it was actually really exciting and fun.  Why?? I don’t know.

Right now at the Petit Palais there is an Yves Saint Laurent exhibit that I tried to go to.  I didn’t realize it would havebeen smarter to buy tickets in advance, so I decided to go another day.  The wait was more than two hours!  She’s not so happy about it either…

Let’s go back to my recent trip to New York. Yeah. That’s Renee Zellweger framed between our heads.  HA!

This was what I labeled The Ugliest Thing in Paris.  There were some renovations at the police precinct, so cover up the scaffolding why NOT put huge pictures of policemen, firemen, I think hospital workers, people with hard hats, I’m pretty sure there’s a free-spirited rollerblader in there, and their dogs.  It had been up for more than a year, and now it’s gone.  I really miss it.  What can be the ugliest thing in Paris after that?? I’m going to have to do some research.

Remember the Paris Party 2010? Where thousands slash 5 or 6 of us flocked here from all over the world and we somehow all knew each other?  Those were great times.  And it allowed me to finally test out the Vélib’ !  Vélo (bike) + Liberty can only equal happiness.  Riding from the Marais along the Seine, passing buildings a couple hundreds of years old, arriving at the Eiffel Tower… MAN I SERIOUSLY LOVE PARIS. (thanks, B, for the following photos.)

So yes, I’m getting a bit nostalgic because it’s my last couple of weeks in the City of Lights.  I leave July 1st for the South of France for a summer of laying by a pool and probably greatly increasing my risks of developing skin cancer.

I am not done posting about Paris.  I love it so much it’s hard to compact into sentences that don’t sound stupid.  But it’s been a memorable year here and I’m sad it’s ending.

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