July 20, 2010


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It’s so good to be back.

Over the weekend I went to Cannes.  Famous for its film festival in May.  PACKED with foreign tourists in July.  (BTW you know who the English are because they’ve either JUST arrived and super white, or have been there a day or two and are bright pink.)

I have been to Cannes a few times, but never to be a tourist, so I did a bunch of things that I wrote about for an article I did for some real estate blog I used to write for (“used to” because it was horrible writing. i couldn’t not make it sound poorly written. I couldn’t take it anymore).  So I went to the marché, I went to a nearby island, I checked out the boardwalk, etc etc. (And I realized that NOW i COULD write a pretty good article about it considering… I actually WENT THERE AND DID THOSE THINGS.  Stupid.)

lots of spices:

this island was weird because a 15 minute boat ride away from loads of people and cars and shops and hustle and bustle, you’re suddenly in the middle of nowhere walking in between rows of eucalyptus trees on dirt roads with zero cars.  Ile Ste. Marguerite:


July 18, 2010

EPILATION. This word doesn’t exist in English. Which is why it took me so long to figure out what they heck they were talking about in French.

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Because of the lack of internet, I’ve had blog ideas enter my brain and the one that keeps coming must be really really important because I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.  So, I can NOT figure out where this idea about French girls having hairy armpits and legs comes from, because what I found out is that they are SO much more hard core about it.  How, you ask? Because most girls here don’t shave… THEY USE MACHINES THAT PLUCK OUT ALL THEIR HAIRS.  NOT EVEN KIDDING.  You know why? Because shaving is BAD.  Seriously, we ALL KNOW.  I mean, have you seen a shaved armpit versus a waxed one?  We try to ignore the mangled-ness of the former, but we all know it’s just ugly.  So these Frenchies are geniuses.  Instead of having to go to the beautician to get everything waxed, they’ve created this amazing little apparatus that PLUCKS out all your hairs.  I screamed a little the first time because, shoot that can be painful, but with that pain comes so much reward. My pits are SO pre-puberty right now.  WHY DON’T WE HAVE THIS IN THE STATES??? I’m bringing one home with me.

My sister has actually been talking about this idea for years and I always thought it was a horrible idea.  I was completely wrong.  I told her about my discovery and she said it did exist in the States at one point and it was called Epi-Lady.  Her prize is a new one from The France.

Internet Overload.

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Haven’t had internet for 17 days now and counting.  The first 3 days are somewhat novel and seem like a nice break from too much blog stalking / facebook picture looking / gchatting (…but can there really be too much gchat???).  And then after 3 days it just gets REALLY ANNOYING.  Especially because we thought things would be resolved after a week, so we were looking forward to that, and then it didn’t actually work, and then we kept calling and we got a new date of functionality, and that just kept getting pushed back more and more and more and it’s all of a sudden been 17 days without internet and so I came to McDonalds to use free wifi.

BY THE WAY Shame on you McDonalds… NO ICE?? REALLY??? I’m so depressed right now.  And they didn’t spin my McFlurry around.  Guh.

School’s over for the kids, and so we came down South for the summer.  Puget-sur-Argens.  Near St. Raphael. Which is why I can’t just go into a park in Paris and take advantage of free Wifi everywhere… because the ONE McDonalds is pretty much the only place.

So i’m going to try and do some major blog blitzing right now.  Ready? GO.

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