September 16, 2010

Smells like Socks.

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What does? Oh a roasted rotten chicken.

So many great things about this story.

#1. I bought a TWELVE dollar chicken from the Farmer’s Market this weekend.  I don’t buy meat here for fear it will taste like non-meat.  But I figured at a farmer’s market with a REAL chicken who wasn’t raised trapped in metal and beaten beak-less would be worth it.

#2. It smelled a little weird when I opened the package, but the Farmer told me it was good in my fridge for a week.  The purchase was made on Saturday, I figured Wednesday was not too late.

#3.  I invited Jason and Heidi Kim over to have them hang out at the house and also feed them because they sometimes feed me.  Although when I opened that package, I held back on other invitations for fear that what happened would happen.

#4.  So the whole time Jason and I keep saying, it smells weird right?  or jason’s “It smells like Korean food… like poo.” or my “It smells like… SOCKS.”

#5.  I thought it was just a weird RAW chicken smell… so I kept roasting it hoping the smell would somehow transform into something tasty and delicious.

#6.  Jason and I thought, Maybe, just MAYBE it SMELLS bad, but it TASTES actually really good… like a chicken.  So after an hour of roasting we (yup) decided to TASTE IT. YES.



The end of the story is (IT WAS SERIOUSLY DISGUSTING AND CAN KIND OF STILL TASTE IT IN MY MOUTH 4 HOURS LATER) we ate overpriced soup and sandwiches.  And my house still smells like socks.  …Oh and I have to read about 100 pages left in this book and write a summary on it by tomorrow. Oh yeah. Cool.


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