December 24, 2010

Why rolling oats was the best part of Christmas so far.

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I know, it’s not even really Christmas yet, but before anything better happens I wanted to talk about how I am a real (pioneer) woman.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that Christmas just isn’t a big deal to me (ask me about family traditions, I’m self-conscious about not having any), or maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last 4 out of the 5 Christmases ALONE in a foreign country (yes, I’m counting the MTC as one of those), but WHO KNEW THIS IS WHAT OATS REALLY LOOK LIKE??!

My parents are really into bran and oats and that kind of stuff and they recently bought an oat roller… to roll their own oats.

When asked WHY they decided to do this, the persuasive rejoinder: “The TASTE is SOOO MUCH BETTERRRR.” “Buying whole oats is ONE-TENTH OF THE PRICE!!”

Who buys/eats that much oatmeal to justify a $100 machine?   …Myung and Jung, that’s who.

Then, when I finally rolled some oats, I realized the true joy that comes from this machine.  I felt like a real woman. Grinding things, seeing fat oats become destroyed ones.  Pretending to taste the difference between self-rolled oats and canister ones.  AND… getting a work out all at the same time.

(And yes, I do feel a little guilty about an oat roller winning over a Korean feast and family and family friends I don’t usually see, but most of it just reminded me of my childhood and having NO IDEA what people were saying. Engrish prease!!)

So, oat roller, you’re a Christmas miracle!


December 17, 2010

I used to eat a lot of hot dogs.

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From nitrites in processed meat, cell phone use since the age of 17, or buying things that were made in China, I will probably get cancer one day. But according to this, at least it won’t be because of fake sugar.

December 14, 2010

Ode to Grace’s poetry night.

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(I’m blogging a lot right now to keep myself from falling asleep as my students take their final. I struggle.)

I don’t claim to be that into poetry, but I am often pleasantly surprised when I read it.  Grace is having a poetry night and it made me recall one of my favesies.  Also very applicable to winter and this picture I took last year in Paris.

Oranges by Gary Soto


The first time I walked
With a girl, I was twelve,
Cold, and weighted down
With two oranges in my jacket.
December. Frost cracking
Beneath my steps, my breath
Before me, then gone,
As I walked toward
Her house, the one whose
Porch light burned yellow
Night and day, in any weather.
A dog barked at me, until
She came out pulling
At her gloves, face bright
With rouge. I smiled,
Touched her shoulder, and led
Her down the street, across
A used car lot and a line
Of newly planted trees,
Until we were breathing
Before a drugstore. We
Entered, the tiny bell
Bringing a saleslady
Down a narrow aisle of goods.
I turned to the candies
Tiered like bleachers,
And asked what she wanted –
Light in her eyes, a smile
Starting at the corners
Of her mouth. I fingered
A nickle in my pocket,
And when she lifted a chocolate
That cost a dime,
I didn’t say anything.
I took the nickle from
My pocket, then an orange,
And set them quietly on
The counter. When I looked up,
The lady’s eyes met mine,
And held them, knowing
Very well what it was all

A few cars hissing past,
Fog hanging like old
Coats between the trees.
I took my girl’s hand
In mine for two blocks,
Then released it to let
Her unwrap the chocolate.
I peeled my orange
That was so bright against
The gray of December
That, from some distance,
Someone might have thought
I was making a fire in my hands.

I’m in Grad School. I am impressing you with that sentence.

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Isn’t it weird that my Masters (this semester only) is ten times easier than any other semester of my whole college career? I commute two hours daily (PS, still love living in SL, and am not even tempted to move closer to P), watch The OC SO MUCH, AND I think I’m getting all A’s.  HOW DID I DO IT?? Well I didn’t read most of the books I was supposed to, but for right now… that doesn’t even matter.  Then, my ONE final got switched from being in Provo at 8 AM to being online all day long.  I took in from the comfort of my own home (even though my power went out and had to walk around with an open laptop to find free wi-fi).  But taking that test was a delight… like playing Sudoku.

Sadly, I think this semester will probably be the last of easy school.

Should I tell you about what I learned this semester?  Probably not because it’s boring, but I will say that I’m obsessed with French Critical Theory, and I actually do enjoy school.  I never thought that that would apply to me, but I just took a test where I had to analyze a B52s video (MY FINAL EXAM? COOL.) and I have to say, even Medieval Literature kind of interests me.  Oops.

Next semester’s classes sound great too though: Theater as a Virus (whaaatt???) and Urban Myth in French Film (hot!).

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