October 2, 2011

San Francisco

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San Francisco. My first real time.

No way to usher in the grand occasion than to witness the Pride Parade.

Look at those walls!

Probably my favorite thing. Giants game with Brandon and Casey.

Lobster sandwiches melted our faces off. (Thank you, Amy.)

China town.

Walked across the bridge!

Check out that hair! Holy wind!

Lombard with Ashlee.

Boat to Alcatraz. Rainy.


My bestie from high school happened to be in San Francisco when we were there

so we got to hang out with her and another HS friend.  Williamsville East! Go Flames!

Ashlee and Amy were great to let us sleep on their couches. THANK YOU!

One view from Coit Tower. Two filters.


This is from June.

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This all seems so irrelevant because it was in June, so I’ll try to pick lots of pretty pictures to distract you from how untimely it is.

Jeff and Aurora got married!

Glad to see other friends came. We made quite a day of it.

I was mostly interested in having Cindy make me laugh and getting some good shots of her.

In between the reception we all went and saw Super 8 and got pedis! (it was my first time and so tickley!)

With the bride and groom right before we left for San Francisco. That post will come sometime as well.

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