January 24, 2012

Christmas with the Kaneyukis!

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I got to spend Christmas and New Years with these cute boys! Elias and Ephraim.

Elias is cute when he eats.  This is the day we found out Michelle is HAVING ANOTHER BOY!! That will make 3 for the Kaneyukis.

These guys like Karate-Dancing.

On Christmas Eve, we somehow ended up at this bar-ish restaurant in Alexandria. Good wings.

Sometimes it scares me how much children like Christmas.

The day after Christmas, we found out my brother and his wife had their little baby.  Too bad they’re all the way in Fort Collins, CO. He is such a cutie though.  This was the first or second day I think.  His name is Ezekiel Jason Kim.

Elias was so excited about his new little cousin, he built him a house. …to be honest… I built that house.  Oops…

I had so much fun with this guy.  It’s fun to watch babies grow up into talking, thinking children.  This little one is so kind it melts my heart a little bit.

We visited the temple.

We went to the botanical gardens where they had a special display and all the national monuments, parts of the Smithsonian, and other buildings were constructed into miniature form with STICKS AND LEAVES!!! It was amazing.

This guy is from Mt. Vernon.  The annual Christmas camel!


January 17, 2012

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