August 11, 2012


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Not for us, just other peoples’ babies.

Jason and Heidi recently moved back to Utah and it is nice to be able to get together with them sans a 7 hour commute like when they lived in Fort Collins.  Plus, little Zeke is SO CUTE.

My sister, Michelle, recently had a little babe, the cheeky fellow in the middle there. He’s so cute! I’m sad that I don’t know when I’m going to meet the little guy. Soon I hope.  Also, it was Michelle’s birthday recently, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

The next picture is of a lady I met who was temporarily in our ward. Her name is Faith.  She came to Salt Lake on vacation from Nigeria in APRIL.  She was traveling alone; her husband last minute had to stay in Nigeria because of a work emergency.  During her “vacation” in Salt Lake (that was only supposed to last a couple of weeks) she was not allowed to get on her flight back home because of complications with her pregnancy.  Faith lived out of a suitcase, went back and forth between friends’ homes, and depended on a lady she met at Temple Square for rides to and from the hospital… all while being 6 to 9 months pregnant.  With a lot of patience and a darn good attitude, she was able to have her baby last week.  Having had past problems with pregnancies, this little baby is nothing short of a miracle; Janice was born perfectly on time to her mom… and dad via Skype.  I still can’t believe this story when I think about it; I am so happy to have known Faith and relieved and ecstatic for her and her new little family.

Another new baby – the first person I have personally met and who is also in Us Weekly – little Bryce was born breach, at home, to a set of great parents.  He is probably the cutest newborn baby I have EVER seen with my own eyes. That little hand just kept peeking out of the blanket and was killing me.

The last baby in this post is little Reid, son of Shelby and Trevor (Brandon’s sister + her husband).  There are lots of pictures because I actually remembered my camera to Reid’s first (pre-)birthday party.  He’s just a happy little guy and does this side-to-side head wobble that has everyone swooning.

Brandon’s mom did a really good job of making the party festive with 1) animal print sunglasses for everyone.

I love everyone here taking pictures and trying to make Reid smile.

I love Shelby’s smile in this next one. And #2 for festive – that animal-inspired cake!

One-on-one time with the little guy.


August 3, 2012

Rule the Rocks

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A couple of months ago, Brandon and I were able to go with some of our friends to what the State of Utah calls Rule the Rocks.  It is sponsored by the Truth about Tobacco, a campaign that is partially run by a friend of ours, Adam.  Here he is:

A group of about 13 of us went around to small-ish towns in Utah: Vernal, Price, Moab and St. George and put on a little BMX/skateboarding competition.  Brandon and I just helped set up the tent and register the kids.  We got free vitamin water, met a bunch of cool BMX guys, and spent some time with great friends.

It was cool to be a part of something that the kids just LOVED, and promoting stuff that they need to know, like not smoking. And it was a free vacation with friends.

While we were in Moab, we also got to see the Delicate Arch! (Thanks to Adam and Laura for accomodating that desire of mine.)  It was HOT, and Brandon and I both got BURNT.  I know, usually it’s just Brandon, but that 95º heat just got me so good.  But I LOVED IT. Seeing that arch come out of nowhere.  Just breathtaking!

A few random pictures –

1. Missionaries showed up at the Vernal competition, but hey, what else are you going to do in Vernal?  2-3. Some nice views. 4. Truth booth (terrible quality photo, sorry) and Brandon and I are both bright red.

Oh, and I can’t forget.  After seeing these 12-year-olds jump off stuff and flip and let their hands go on BMX’s and stuff, I just wanted to join in on the fun. So someone let me get on their bike and I got to drop in!! I really didn’t know what to do after that, but that part was really great.

August 2, 2012

New Title

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Michelle was right – I needed a new title for this blog. “ijk” just doesn’t work anymore.  In fact, getting rid of those initials was the hardest part about getting married.  Truly.  Those initials are the best!!! Consecutively and alphabetically correct? How can you beat that? Only if my new last name started with L, that’s how.  Like, LeStone… but unfortunately, that’s not it.  I can’t complain about the last name though.  Stone is pretty solid. (wah wah.)

But still, the problem with naming the blog remains. “ijk” is out.  “IBS”? …NOPE. I typed in “The Stones” “zee Stones”. But I decided I’m not ready to have a “family” blog. This is MY blog. Brandon has his own tumblr. I’m keeping our internet journaling separate for now.

So I went with Salt Lake Stone… but I’m not sold yet. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Salt Lake from Ensign’s Peak.

Update: I couldn’t do Salt Lake Stone. It sounded like a company that builds temples or something. So I just went back, slightly modified.

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