December 25, 2012

More Seoul

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One day during our trip we climbed up the side of a mountain that one of my uncle owns and harvested a bunch of sweet potatoes, persimmons and hot peppers.  My mom’s side of the family all got together and worked in the fields and ate a good meal.


It was interesting because I was surrounded by people whom I am related to, yet I didn’t know who anyone was. I didn’t know who belonged to what family, other than my mom’s siblings purely based on physical resemblances.

Below are two of my cousins and my dad.





It was funny to see people that I am related to, yet not be able to talk to them.  Brandon and I basically just talked to each other that day.



Even though I couldn’t talk to anyone, I did feel like I could kind of pick up on some personality traits which was kind of fun. For example, the uncle below in the red would NOT allow any persimmon to be left on the trees.  There were some pretty high branches and persimmons that a normal human would just let go, but HE, he climbed up on a ladder that was supported by soggy river banks to get them.  He proceeded to then FALL off the ladder as he reached. Fortunately he was fine and the minor bruises and busted ego were quickly healed by the satisfaction of the view of bare trees.


It was funny to see kids eat in Korea. I think of some of my nanny kids that wouldn’t touch rice if it had anything in it (like mixed with vegetables or anything) or other picky eaters I’ve known.  These kids are popping squid and seaweed and leaves in their mouths like it’s nothing. Because it is, to them anyway.






Those kids’ hair! It’s the best.




You can’t really see, but in the distance there are some mountains, and just over those mountains is North Korea. We were SO CLOSE to North Korea.  It was blowing my mind that we could be so close and yet worlds away.  I will probably talk more about that in another post.



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