January 30, 2009

i deal with being alone again.

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ok so charlotte left last week and it’s weird because charlotte has pretty much been in my apartment since i moved in so to find myself alone was weird. The very same weekend that Charlotte left, some other people i usually hang out with left, so i was going through some social withdrawals. and so maybe that will explain this next part, although not really because i dont think anything could really explain this next part. I would probably do this even if i had thousands of friends. and maybe i’m just overestimating my boredom or something because i bet there are like 800 blogs that are centered around this very phenomenon, but for me it was very novel. Anyway, I was leaving a comment on my sister’s blog and you know that word that they make you spell out to make sure that you’re not a terrorist or something, it was this:


and i thought it was so funny because it sounds like some sort of disease in a weird area, like your anus or something. so i tried to use this program i downloaded to capture websites as a jpg file. and so when I tried it, the saved image was actually a different word. and i’m like crap, no I want the original one.  And then I found this program already ON my computer (called “snipping tool” if you’re interested) where you can just capture any part of the screen and i thought it was genius and i couldn’t stop refreshing the page and laughing at the words and saving them as pictures and then playing word association games for possible definitions.  For like a really long time.  I am not the CAPTCHA (Yes I just found out they’re calls CAPTCHAs… but i swear they were called something else. By the way it’s an acronym for this: “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” …can we say “streeetchhh”? and is Turing like an example they would use or am I just an idiot and have never seen this word before?) blogmaster so if you like already subscribe to their RSS i apologize in advance for not being as good as them. or if i really am good you should recommend that I work for them because come april i will need some source of income.

sibra – this is some sort of new animal combination. like a sea cucumber and a zebra, only found in Mexico because it’s better with a Spanish accent.

thaequa – (thay-ka)new trigonometry symbol. or new spelling for “thank you” to help those with nasal problems not feel left out

vicarcid – (vi-CAR-sid) a little obvious, but bad things priests do to altarboys. Doesn’t this sound evil and viscious? “Tell me what he did to you… come on… oh no, it can’t be… not vicarcid!”

This is probably the most retarded post ever. So don’t worry, I don’t think I’m funny. There were more like “piedogio” and “sesque” but I am stopping myself here.


January 23, 2009

the best idea ever.

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Can we appreciate this for a minute?


Now, I’m not referring to the Santa Claus handing out candy on Christmas Eve in Belgium, while that was quite delightful.  I’m talking about the huge citronella like candles that are LINING THE GAS STATION. Yes. Sources of fire at a gas station.   Really???  I was so giddy with gratitude to have been able to see this with my own eyes, so I invite you to jump and clap like I did.

January 16, 2009


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The snail gave it away right?  Yes, these are all the animals that I have now ingested.  Chewed, swallowed, and even enjoyed.  The rabbit and the frog were really weird because you have to eat it off the bone so it’s really quite easy to realize you’re eating pet-like things.  Which is kind of creepy. I had to stop after a few bites.  Or close my eyes.  The horse I ate in sausage form which tasted an awful like bologna… which kinda makes you wonder… And then the snails.  Well, Charlotte bought them from a fry-stand in Ghent for 2 euros and 50 cents, so yes, I was skeptical, but they were actually really good.  Kind of like clams, but not as chewy.  So I’ve pretty much eaten all the weird crap that France has to offer.  And it’s been great.

January 8, 2009

It takes 6 days to install internet.

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BOO!! I will have internet again on Tuesday, so for now I am occasionally checking mail at people’s houses or going back to my old place because I still have the key.  So, I moved. I also went on vacation to Toulouse and Nimes. Everything was SO GOOD. And it’s warm there and freezing here.  And i bought a coat in Toulouse at a thrift store for 10 euros! But the more important thing is in my new apartment I have TV, and this is what is making the lack of internet not SO bad. I mean of course, it’s bad. And I feel kind of like a crazy person by how much I really want internet, but here’s the thing about French TV.  It’s mesmerizing.  Do you realize that they play an entire episode with NO COMMERCIALS??  At first you think, wow, this is genius. No commercials. We always say that we wish there were no commercials when we have to sit through them waiting to know what happens with LC or GG or Tila Tequila, but I guess nowadays everyone has TiVO.  Well, I never did.  And so I never really appreciated commercials.  Let me describe what tv-watching is like without commercials. YOU DON’T MOVE.  You not only don’t move because it’s comfortable and nice where you are, but you don’t move to go pee, you don’t move to get a glass of water, you DON’T. MOVE.  Because there is NO break.  And you don’t even realize you’re not moving until an hour later when there is the same Dior Sport commercial with Jude Law making weird eye movements and you’re starving and you realize you didn’t even want to watch an hour of the “Circus of Tomorrow,” but then you feel kind of okay about it because how often is it that you get to see a Ukranian girl contort her body while in a handstand on two poles?  So, while a lot of times it’s cool with no commercials, it’s also kind of like hypnotism.  And you feel slightly uncomfortable like it’s taking advantage of you.

The end.

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