July 23, 2012

No A/C

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We live in a great little part of Salt Lake. It’s called the Marmalade district. It’s just west of the capitol building, just north of the temple, and our street in particular does not sit on a steep hill like the streets just a stone’s throw east of us.  We LOVE where we live.  We are constantly riding our commuter bikes downtown, or (less frequently) riding our road bikes around the many scenic longer routes that surround us.


Although, that being said… our apartment is MINI. Really mini. Like 600 sq. feet and no hallways.  But it has a washer/dryer in a laundry room, and a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher… so we thought, we might as well live in mini place that includes a great location and that is really well-priced while we can.  However, one thing I didn’t realize, is that this apartment came with no air conditioning.  Last year, I lived in a brick home and the air conditioning broke and it was like an OVEN in that house that summer.  I never really thought I couldn’t live without this modern-day luxury… My whole childhood in California was A/C free (I think, family? …right?), and my mission definitely had no A/C (French people don’t believe in stuff like that), although, that led to massive cuts to my hair (so much so that once my zone leader had to tell me to stop cutting my hair… oops).  But apparently, that brick house, and this current apartment have proven to me that I really really really love air conditioning.  I will say, I hate it more when people abuse the air conditioner and it ends up at a constant, freezing 68 degrees forcing you to wear sweaters all the time inside.  But, pictured below is what happens when you really have no A/C.

This is our butter, melted to a LIQUID STATE when left in our cupboard.  Granted, this is also during the time that Brandon convinced me that our swamp cooler was really working, even though it felt like a HAIR DRYER blowing FIRE all around the living room.  He just kept saying… “I really don’t think it’s that bad…” as sweat dripped off his nose I’m sure.  I really tried (maybe not REALLY) to be positive about it, but there was NO DENYING that our swamp cooler was not in ANY WAY COOL.  So I finally decided to call our landlord and we found out there was actually no water being pumped through the thing.  So swamp coolers aren’t actually giant hair dryers!!! And our butter doesn’t melt in the cupboard anymore!!!


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