October 13, 2010

I probably shouldn’t be a teacher.

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Besides the fact that I should be planning a lesson, grading papers and putting stickers on tests (because I’ve always kind of fantasized about that) right now, there is actually a better and more significant reason as to Why I Probably Shouldn’t be a Teacher.

Here is the background to this story.  My name is Irene. Hi. Hi Irene. HI Irene. Hi-Rene. Oh REEENE. REEENEEYYY.  HEY. REEENERS? Is that you?  Reener!! Ha ha. that rhymes with Weener. Weener! Don’t be a weener!

That happened to me in high school.  Not that quickly though, you know, like, over a few years.

So when it came time to apply to colleges senior year, they make you create a Login for sending in applications.  At BYU they call this the NetID.  Sister Michelle and brother Jason, my BYU predecessors in the family got ASSIGNED NetIDs: numerated initials.  Something like mlk4 and jek23.  So I obviously figured that if I made my APPLICATION login name WEENER, they would just give me something like ijk31 (yes my initials are consecutively alphabetical, and same with my sister’s, but hers are backwards) if I ever started going to the school.


They stopped doing that sometime in the three years that my brother started school and my commencement at the Brigham.  So, my NetID throughout my undergrad was weener.  Which ISN’T THAT big of a deal… it just my school email address, but I never really used that anyway.

Then I became a teacher.  AT BRIGHAM YOUNG.

And when you have problems with the classroom computer and you call the IT office, they ask you to identify yourself (in front of the whole class) by your NET. ID.  “Ok.. so what is your BYU NetID please?”  “Umm… W-E-E-N-E-R…. Yeah… it’s weener. ..Sorry?..”

And when you sent out mass emails to your whole class do you know what it says in the subject line?  I’ll tell you:

Not only do you have WEENER in caps scattered across your inbox, but did you notice that third one down?  Yup.  Orals: Weener.  YES… THIS HAPPENED. YES… THIS HAPPENS.

So I probably am right in wanting to just grill hot dogs for the rest of my life at J-Dawgs. I mean… WEENER? Could that be MORE of a sign?  I don’t think so.


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